Are You A Nominal Christian? Am I?

I’ve spent a decent portion of my life judging “nominal Christians.” You know, those so-called believers who trudge to church week after week but “don’t really mean it.” They might show up for the fun stuff: the holiday hay rides, the shock-and-awe worship services, maybe even an occasional mission trip (as long as it is […]

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What Is A Disciple? Brief Thoughts On Conversion, Emotion, and Baptism

I want to talk briefly today about the nature of the conversation experience in the Christian faith. It’s a difficult topic to discuss. Why? As Derek Rishmawy succintly put it, discussing conversion is like trying to, “look at your own eye ball.” True. Nonetheless, I find myself constantly thinking the process through with increasing frequency […]

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The Atonement’s Depth

“Christ’s sacrifice is a sacrifice of praise, of sanctification, of restoration, by which he offers the whole of creation to the Father so that the Father may bring it to life through the Holy Spirit. It is truly a Pasch, the Passover, the passing over of creation into the kingdom of life. Because of the […]

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