The Atonement’s Depth

“Christ’s sacrifice is a sacrifice of praise, of sanctification, of restoration, by which he offers the whole of creation to the Father so that the Father may bring it to life through the Holy Spirit. It is truly a Pasch, the Passover, the passing over of creation into the kingdom of life. Because of the ontological unity of Christ to the whole human race the sacrifice was a bloody crucifixion. United with us in being and in love, Christ took on himself all the hatred, rebellion, derision, despair – ‘My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?’ – all the murders, all the suicides, all the tortures, all the agonies of humanity throughout all time and all space. In these Christ bled, suffered, cried out in anguish and desolation. But as he suffered in a human way, so he trusted in a human way: ‘Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit.’ At that moment death is swallowed up in life, the abyss of hatred is lost in the bottomless depths of love. A few drops of blood falling into the earth as an immense chalice has renewed the entire universe.”

The Roots of Christian Mysticism by Oliver Clement alluding to Gregory Nazianzen’s Oration 45, For Easter


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