The morning after Chick-fil-A day

One pastor’s response to the Chick-fil-a “fiasco.”  I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this.

The morning after Chick-fil-A day.




13 thoughts on “The morning after Chick-fil-A day

    1. For sure. It might not be so bad if Christians made huge efforts to listen and build relationships with the LGBT community but now this is just another wall between us.

  1. Well reasoned. Maybe our response, rather than back off on calling homosexuality as sin, is to address all sin as sin. But we hesitate to do that. Too offensive in these days of enlightenment. Easier to turn a blind eye.

    As for Mr Kathy, he was answering a question posed by a Christian magazine about his personal belief. As a Christian, isn’t your personal belief that homosexuality is sin? Of course – if you believe the Bible for what it says. Mr Kathy’s statement has been twisted and turned to be a Chick-fil-A statement or corporate view. It wasn’t.

    I’d hate for the day when my personal views are twisted to represent more than just my personal views.

    1. I agree completely. I support Cathy and concur with his views.

      I also empathize with people who bought lunch on 8.1. I think it was well intentioned, but it was a sort of “cheap shot” I guess you would say. In other words its easy to eat chicken and be on the right team, but its much harder to build relationships with people who think differently than us (not that I’m good at it).

      The other issue is just that there is so much going on in the world and this is what we rally around?

  2. We went to Chick Fil A, not to protest gay and lesbians, but to protest the right to free speach without consequence to a business, its growth, or its family. My intent was not to hurt anyone, but to stand up for EVERYONE’s right to express their opinions and/or religious beliefs. We live in a day where people are equating disagreement with hatred and it saddens me. I remind my children often we are ALL sinners, and remind myself often of what Christ thought of the Pharisees and Sadducees hypocrisy. Unfortunately, we all are quick to judge others intent and heart, and often we jump to the conclusion it is with malice. I have hurt people in my silent demonstration with thousands of others, and for that, I am truly sorry.

    1. I agree those mayors were ignorant and irresponsible for saying what they did, but I’m not sure it necessitated such a massive response on our part either. It’s not like they could have actually done anything to stop a Chick fil A from coming in.

      I also agree we don’t need to equate disagreement with hatred. However, we have to think about the larger context. Homosexuals have seen nothing but alienation and scorn from Christians on the public stage going back decades. With that background, this Chick fil A business just adds another layer of mistrust. We say we don’t hate gays, and most of us don’t, yet nothing gets us riled up quite like the gay marriage debate. Why is that? Why should homosexuals believe us when we say we don’t single them out, when anti- homosexuality messages consume so much of our public discourse. Why should they believe we don’t hate them when with so much going on in the world something like this mobilizes Christians so quickly and energetically?

      Why can’t we use that energy to build bridges to the homosexual community or tackle any number of the world’s pressing issues? I guess that’s why this makes me a little sad. How many people who were so quick to eat chicken last week actually make efforts to reach out to homosexuals, hear their stories, and speak truth to them?

  3. I believe that the author of the post is right on the mark. Homosexuality is but one of many many sins in this world. I may disagree with it but I will not be unkind or judge…I leave that up to God. We have a ‘gay’ couple as neighbors and treat them no differently than we would any other of our neighbors. Isn’t that the second and greatest commandment…’love thy neighbor as thyself’?…… and in this case they are our neighbors literally and figuratively…Diane

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