There are plenty of blogs out there.  There are maybe too many blogs on church, religion, and social issues.  So do we need one more?  In short . . . maybe.  If this blog becomes just another outlet for griping, complaining and rehashing old failures by people living in their parents basements then no.  If, on the other hand, this blog might somehow become a gathering place of ideas to better Gospel saturate our world then yes!  That is my hope for this space and if it is yours as well then by all means please join me in conversation.

John Calvin said, “The chief duty of the church is to make the invisible kingdom of God visible to the world.”  We, as believers, cannot go about this mission without digging into a myriad of interconnected issues concerning church methodology, the evangelical subculture, and the church in the public square.  Obviously doing so can be controversial and I realize many sincere Christians will land on opposite sides of many topics.  However, if a mantra of humility and charity is assumed and practiced, I think we can all use this space to learn, grow, and inspire each other in seeking to apply the glorious humiliation of the Cross to all avenues of life.  Enjoy!





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